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Youth United Voluntarily Against Alcohol (YUVAA) is a Facebook page created by HRIDAY to post news and articles on the burden and magnitude of alcohol, policies and programmes, interventions for hazardous drinking and prevention of harms related to alcohol use among vulnerable groups in India.  Since, Government of India has recently endorsed the resolution on global strategies to reduce the harmful use of alcohol (WHA 63.13); HRIDAY sees it as an opportunity to strongly advocate for a strong and comprehensive alcohol control policy for India through opinion building from all relevant stakeholders.  Considering that UN General Assembly in September, 2011 discussed the non-communicable diseases and countries took unified stand to fight this epidemic globally, India also needs to discuss that how alcohol as a major risk factor contributing to these NCD’s will effectively be tackled. The World Health Organization estimates that about 140 million people throughout the world suffer from alcohol dependence.

India has nearly 70 million alcohol users which include 12 million users who are dependent on alcohol without still accounting the millions of social drinkers. Alcohol contributes to 15-20% of all deaths and to about 25% of premature mortality in younger age groups of 15-44 years.

YUVAA is a social medium platform to facilitate and motivate youth for demanding and advocating for rightful policies against alcohol. YUVAA motivates youth to come together to advocate for strong alcohol policies including raising the Minimum Legal Drinking Age. YUVAA has tied up with the Delhi Traffic Police and regularly posts updates on their page to raise awareness on the harms caused due to alcohol consumption among masses, especially youth. YUVAA page is also being liked and followed by the Joint Commissioner of Police, Mr. Satyendra Garg, who is also a strong supporter of strict alcohol policies.