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• HRIDAY started health promotion programmes in 30 schools of Delhi in 1992 and has expanded over the years to include 300 schools and 10 colleges in Delhi today.

• HRIDAY conducted a collaborative research study with University of Minnesota, USA during 1996-98. The intervention provided in this project successfully reduced experimentation with smoking and intentions to use tobacco among the youth.

• An appeal signed by 25,000 school students of Delhi was presented to the Former Prime Minister of India, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee on September 12, 1998, which marked the formal launch of SHAN. In this appeal students urged for a comprehensive governmental ban on tobacco advertising.

• HRIDAY in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India organized South East Asian Anti Tobacco (SEAAT) flame function in the year 2000 with participation of WHO’s officials from Geneva, Regional office and Country office and mobilized 2500 school students of Delhi under HRIDAY-SHAN programme who also participated in the SEAAT flame function. As part of the SEAAT flame function, anti-tobacco oath taking ceremony was organized in the morning assemblies of 3 schools under HRIDAY-SHAN.

• Five HRIDAY youth health activists and one teacher coordinator represented India at a Health Jamboree Organized by WHO-SEARO at Maldives in 2001.

• The HRIDAY – SHAN programme has been listed as a ‘best practice’ model by the World Health Organization (WHO) and recommended for global replication by WHO.

• HRIDAY was awarded the WHO’s Tobacco Free World Award for 2002.

• Viewing the success of HRIDAY, MoHFW and WHO recommended extention of the HRIDAY-SHAN model in other cities of India . The HRIDAY-SHAN model was replicated in 9 other cities of India in the year 2002.

• Youth activists trained by HRIDAY represented India in several international health conventions, organized by WHO like – ‘Health , Marketing & Youth’ held in Treviso, Italy (April, 2002) and ‘Tobacco Control Marketing: Best Practices and Beyond’, New York (June 2003).

• HRIDAY is a recipient of the prestigious International Tobacco Research and Capacity Building grant of the Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health, USA. As a part of this grant, HRIDAY, in collaboration with the University of Texas, USA is conducting a group randomized, multi-component, intervention trail – Project MYTRI (Mobilizing Youth for Tobacco Related Initiatives in India). MYTRI is designed to test the effectiveness of a tobacco prevention programme and aims to prevent the onset and reduce the prevalence of tobacco use among youth in India.

• HRIDAY organized the First Global Youth Meet on Health (GYM 2006), in Delhi and Agra, India during November, 14-19, 2006. In this first of a kind meet, youth from around the world were oriented to health issues, using innovative health education strategies. This initiative empowered the youth about health awareness and imparted health advocacy skills among these youth leaders. 168 youth activists and 57 adult facilitators from 35 countries from all around the world and 11 states of India participated in this meet. These informed youth activists, under the guidance of adult facilitators, will steer campaigns that will mobilize their peers and motivate governments to implement health promoting policies at national and international levels.

• Representatives from HRIDAY participated in the GYAT summit and WCTOH, Washington DC.

HRIDAY served as the Secretariat of the Pre Conference Youth Workshop of the 14th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health (14th WCTOH). A two day youth conclave, Global Youth Meet on Tobacco Control (GYM 2009) was organized on March 6-7, 2009, in Mumbai, India. GYM 2009 provided a platform to approximately 140 international and national participants from 27 countries across the world and 7 states of India to discuss and debate issues related to tobacco control. GYM 2006 delegates and Y4H members served as resource persons/chaperones/facilitators for technical sessions during the youth pre-conference of GYM 2009. These young resource persons and participants of GYM 2009 also presented their youth health advocacy campaigns in the scientific programme of the 14th WCTOH.

• HRIDAY’s Project ACTIVITY  was recognized as ‘A 2010 Case for Prevention and Finalist for the Louise Lown Heart Hero Award’ by ProCor, a program of the Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation

• HRIDAY’s Senior Director, Dr. Monika Arora received the Global Health Council’s Award for Best Practices in Global Health 2011