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Focus Areas

Diet & Physical Activity

Healthy living habits can prevent us from package of chronic diseases.

A healthy lifestyle includes: Intake of Balanced Diet and Being Physically Active

Nutrition is a critical determinant of both physical and mental health. Diet provides the nutrition that is needed by the body. Physical and mental productivity are linked to nutrition. A balanced diet is a source of essential nutrition. Growth, maintenance and defense of the body are dependant on adoption of healthy dietary practices .Selection of balanced and nutritious diet from an early age is very important so that the productive years of adulthood are not cut short by lifestyle related disorders like heart attack, cancers, diabetes and lung problems. Youth needs to be made aware about the right kind of diet right from early school days, when their habits are getting etched. The environment nurtures and protects us, providing the essential ingredients of our life and safeguarding the key determinants of our health. Safe environment plays an essential part in ensuring overall development. Poor water supply, inadequate personal and domestic hygiene practices and pollution of air and water are some of the factors that create unhealthy communities. More than a million die every year due to water pollution. Living, playing and learning in healthy environments will help children lead healthy lives, reach their full potential and make a solid contribution to the development of their countries now and in the future. Environmental education among the youth is imperative to build healthy individual and a healthy society.

To learn more on physical activity read our Physical Activity-Booklet.