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Focus Areas


Healthy living habits can prevent us from package of chronic diseases

A healthy lifestyle includes: Protecting the environment

Environment nurtures and protects us, providing the essential ingredients of our life and safeguarding the key determinants of our health. Safe environment plays an essential part in ensuring overall development. Poor water supply, inadequate personal and domestic hygiene practices and pollution of air and water are some of the factors that create unhealthy communities. Living, playing and learning in healthy environments will help children lead healthy lives, reach their full potential and make a substantial contribution to the development of their countries now and in the future. Environmental education among  youth is imperative to build healthy individuals and a healthy society.

Developing School based educational material on Impact on Health due to Climate Change (Oct’07- Jan’08)

HRIDAY has been involved in providing health related awareness among youth since 1992. Environment has been an important theme of this health promoting package.
HRIDAY developed an activity booklet and home team material booklet to introduce the issue of climate change and its adverse impact on human health in a comprehensive manner among the students of Std VIII (including the direct and indirect – immediate and long term impact of climate change) and the possible initiatives to mitigate its effect in collaboration with WHO- SEARO. The intent was to create awareness among school students (10- 14 years) on issues related to climate change through innovative and interactive health education material and inculcate requisite advocacy skills
among students to advocate for measures to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change at individual, household, community and policy levels. Also, it was intended to disseminate important messages related to climate change and its adverse effects on health, among the community.


HRIDAY launched Environment Awareness Board Games – Enviro I, II and III

Inter school poster making competition on Environment and Health; January 9, 2002


World Environment Day 2002: On the occasion of World Environment Day, a meeting was organized to catalyze new initiatives in advancing action in the related areas of environment, health and law. This brought together several NGOs involved in advocacy and action for environment promotion, protection of public health and application of law for social engineering into a coalition for the common cause. The workshop was sponsored by the Bodh Raj Sawhny Memorial Trust whose objectives includes the promotion of law as an instrument for social change, especially in the areas of environment, community health and gender justice.

The participating NGOs, which included the Centre for Science and Environment, Tata Energy Research Institute, Law-E and HRIDAY resolved to collaborate in strengthening advocacy and action for protecting the environment and promoting public health. Mr. M.M. Dutta (WHO) and Mr. Pranay Lal (CSE) delivered the keynote addresses. Prof. K. Srinath Reddy (HRIDAY) moderated the discussion. The meeting was attended by several school and college students from HRIDAY’s Students Health Action Network (SHAN) whose members also spoke of their resolve to undertake environment related projects in Delhi through the schools and colleges.