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Youth for Health

Youth For Health (Y4H) contributes to making the world a safer, happier and healthier place for young people to grow up in and lead productive lives.

The mandate of this global youth movement, which seeks to empower youth to promote global health policies, includes protection of youth from tobacco, hazardous road conditions, environmental degradation, HIV/AIDS, war and violence, access to healthy diets and promotion of physical activity.

A Youth for Health (Y4H) movement was launched as an outcome of the Global Youth Meet on Health (GYM) 2006, organised by HRIDAY (Health Related Information Dissemination Amongst Youth), aiming to connect youth across the world to undertake health promotion activities/advocacy at country level as well as global level.

For this, the youth participants deliberated over health issues that are of most concern to young people world over and drafted what came to be known as the Youth for Health Charter. The resolve of Y4H members to hone the Charter further was possible through the participants’ continuous dialogue even after returning to their individual countries. In fact, in October 2007, the Charter was presented in the form of an appeal with 225,000 signatures of youth and adults from across the world to the UN Secretary General in New York.

Over six years, the Y4H movement has grown exponentially, particularly owing to its virtual presence. The current membership of Y4H has a reach of over 200,00 members across the world. Y4H has volunteers in over 300 schools and colleges like the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), Birla Institute of Technology (BITS)-Pilani, colleges in Delhi University and many more.

Today, millions of youth connect through the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Y4H. What are you waiting for, we are just one CLICK away!